Pray to the Moon when She is round,
Luck with you will then abound,
What you seek for shall be found
On the sea or solid ground.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

August Moon, 2015: Que Será, Será, Part 1

Luna & Her Halo: Winter is coming, que será, será.
Luna & Her Halo:
Winter is coming: que será, será.

Que Será, Será

I wake this morning to find a piece from EarthSky about another record. They are always posting records. Depressing records. Records like the hottest month in history, the longest drought on record & this morning, Record-breaking three Category 4 hurricanes in Pacific. All this of course points to certain changes which belie our untempered behavior as a collective. Some of us call it "collapse" others call it "progress."

One afternoon, several years ago, my neighbors' entire pasture full of quarter horses broke loose, running past the barn, around our house & into our front yard where I was tending to young trees.  
I heard them before I saw them & recognized the sound of their approach -- this was not the first time they had escaped. In the moment I realized what was coming, they were just taking the front corner of the house. By then it was too late to exercise options.  
In the past, my neighbor had advised us to "make ourselves big & loud," but I knew better. Those horses don't take a gentle critter like me seriously -- I may as well be a hamster with carrots. Thus, on this occasion, I just braced myself with my shovel & stood there stock-still, awaiting the storm.  
I cannot stop a runaway freight train & I cannot stop a mob of wild-ass quarter horses bent on liberation. In the final assessment, the power & inevitability of the train & the horses is the same in relationship to me.  
If you have ever stood in the path of such a surge, you might recognize the sensation of quiet surrender. I remember in this particular instance, closing my eyes & clinging to the shovel handle like a windswept rag clinging to a pole in a hurricane. In that moment, what could I say but "whatever will be, will be"?
Some things are so huge that we can only be accountable to ourselves & to our own sense of values. Some things are so huge that they bring our sense of values down to only our most bare, intrinsic values. When I stand in the path of thousands of pounds of muscle & bone, moving with the precision of one fervent body, I know better than to behave unpredictably -- because what I value in that moment is my own muscle & bone. 

Sometimes a situation is too massive, too dynamic, too capricious on the larger scale to be addressable by the individual. This is when I feel the need to cling to my own bottom lines & do my best to remain true to what I value most.

In the case of this "progressive-collapse" I can only be accountable to myself & my loved ones, human & otherwise. I live my moments, clinging to the pole & doing my best to behave in accordance with my values while I watch the Earth react to the exploits of human kind. 

It is difficult to relate to or respond to large disasters, crises & emergencies outside one's own sphere of influence. And yet while it is much easier to understand & recognize the subtler changes in a local environment, it is still a challenge to find an appropriate response.

This is my sphere. I live in it. This year my sphere has been fraught with an endless array of changes, some subtle, others, not so much. This Moon cycle has pressed the issue because this is the time of our Mushroom Moon Shrine & the fungi are just not fruiting -- not in this heat & dryness & well, change

The horses are already turning the corner. The brakes on the train have failed. It is too late to prevent the rampage, but perhaps if enough of us can look to our own base values -- like survival & more importantly, the longer term survival of our kin -- & behave accordingly, we might have some calming influence on the runaway torrents. 

I am not fooled by a savior complex, inuring activism or by the rantings of extremists on either side. This planet balks at us, yet its residents will still run amok -- us & them. But wouldn't it be a relief to see everyone eventually slow to halt?

"...there is a light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness..."
-- Charles Bukowski

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Muditā or "Facilitating Bliss"

A Witch "Queen" & her tools.
A Witch "Queen" & her tools. 

"Muditā (Pāli and Sanskrit: मुदिता) means joy; especially sympathetic or vicarious joy. Also: the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being..." -- Wikipedia

A kindred spirit recently mentioned the Japanese concept of jiri rita enman, or the harmony of self-benefitting & benefitting others. In his correspondence, he mentioned this concept from an act of 'doing for the sake of doing' which may or not be quite the same as a practice I call "Facilitating Bliss." Where this behavior may differ from jiri rita enman is that I engage in certain activities quite consciously -- with premeditation -- knowing that I will benefit from the experience of Muditā, or gaining joy from the joy, growth, advantage or bliss (& sometimes recovery) of others. 

Facilitating Bliss is a relationship style, a "practice," "tradition" or "Lifeway" (to use a specifically animistic term). It is a way of engaging, relating & cultivating. It is a supporting role, sometimes essential, but rarely central to the stage. I do this for the benefit of my persons (particularly the human ones) & for the experience or sensation of Muditā. It happens that this practice has additional benefits -- if the persons in my world are being enriched, our world in general is enriched -- everyone & everything becomes increasingly juicy.

I also do it because I believe that anything I can do to honour the Old Ones, the spirits of place, or my kindreds is worth my energy & dedication. 

This means that sometimes I assist & participate in things that may or may not be my "thing" in an aesthetic or ceremonial way but still serve to Facilitate Bliss. And as Graham Harvey so eloquently stated,

"It isn't about (me) you. It isn't without (me) you. 
There is only one world. We live in it together."

A ceremonial or mock hazing of sorts: returning to the tweenage years.
A ceremonial or mock hazing of sorts: returning to the tweenage years.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thoughts While Waiting (Impatiently). A Bout of Gratitude & Observation (turned prayer).

This week my husband suggested that we "might have to give up on the idea of mushrooms this season..." to which I squirmed & balked & grumbled & subsequently chose to ignore.

But there is a dearth of fungi here this season. It is true. 

In a way, maybe this is a good thing. Sort of. I guess. 
It is in the sense that we have had to turn our attention to other things. Things overlooked, but things that also fill our hearts & imaginations. They are not fungi, but still, as I reflect, I am grateful.

When we turn our eyes from the duff, what more is there to discover?

The World. (In no particular Order.)

Just allow me open spaces to roam, please.
Just allow me open spaces to roam, please.

And Mysteries to solve.
And Mysteries to solve...
A stone left at Hubby's workplace. Turns out this is
Norwegian translated to runic, it says, roughly,
"There is no cake served in hell."

Twinflowers (Linnaea borealis)
And flowers to Learn, Know & Nurture...
Wild ones, like the Twinflowers (Linnaea borealis)

Buttercup (Ranuculus, spp.)
And Buttercup (Ranuculus, spp.)

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. var. borealis),  white & pink varieties.
Or Yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. var. borealis),
white & pink varieties.

Strawberry Blite (Blitum capitatum)
And Strawberry Blite (Blitum capitatum) -- coated with
 insect reproductive activity of some sort, I suspect.

Foxglove (Digitalis spp.)
A Foxglove (Digitalis spp.) at the front doorstep

Fuchsia, "Blackie" (Fuchsia, spp.)
A Fuchsia, "Blackie" (Fuchsia, spp., one of many) in back.

Poppies (Papaver, spp.)
And Poppies (Papaver, spp.)
everywhere in between.

Show me other folks' homes to  discover, admire, emulate...
Show me other folks' creations to
discover, admire, emulate... 

And the Secrets of Freedom, Play & Art.
And allow me to indulge in their
creative Secrets, Free Play & Art...

Always remembering that everything, everything from eating to breathing to sleeping is an Art... (especially if there is a basil sorbet involved...)
Always remembering that everything, everything
from eating to breathing to sleeping is an Art...

(especially if there is a basil sorbet involved...)

(...or a local rhubarb-infused vodka, paired with  friendship & sacred choreography planning)
(...or a local rhubarb-infused vodka, paired with
friendship & sacred choreography planning)

Witches' Altar. Lammas 2015.
And may I always be an open witness...
Witches' Altar. Lammas 2015.

Labyrinth, Anchorage, July 2015.
Labyrinth, Anchorage, July 2015.

Laybrinth, Kasilof, August 2015.
Laybrinth, Kasilof, August 2015.

Especially Play.
Especially to Play.

And more Play.
And more Play.

Let me look to the Earth & the Sea & the Sky...
And everything in between.

And moreover...

Please let me recognize & embrace  the aesthetic of every human moment.
Please let me recognize & embrace
the aesthetic of every human moment...

Let me respect my own mortality,  (wounds packed with Yarrow & bound with Plantain)
Let me respect my own mortality,
(Also let me know my allies: wounds packed 
with Yarrow & bound with Plantain)

And that of others... Shrew (Sorex, spp.)
And that of others...
Shrew (Sorex, spp.)

Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) remains.
Squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) remains.

and please, let me laugh,
And please, let me laugh, 
(Thank you Llewellyn.)

Moma Fauna, Joy in Dance
experience Joy, 

and Love.
and Love.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

For the Files: Summer Solstice 2015 (In poor quality photos, mostly.)



There were simple plans which became larger & larger.
And I had my part(s).

Then came the Fire, to simplify everything, I reckon.

And the only thing to do after all the Big Plans were wiped away was to dance.

So dance we did.

And we said to one another, over & over as we built this thing, "We can do this anywhere, anytime we want. This is an Offering, after all."

And that is true, because we danced in a different bioregion, in a different town, with a different set of spectators, at a different time, on a different day, for a different gathering, on a different substrate in a different configuration, 
With a most difficult sound system named Pancho,
And a disappointingly difficult audience,
And without a doubt I was not at my technical best,
And we didn't even remember to get photos,
And some would say that even our thunder was stolen in the end...

But we could do it all again, anywhere, anytime we want.

It is an Offering, after all.

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